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Set up in 2020, The Vibes is Malaysia’s most popular and fastest-growing online news portal. Becoming a platform for the people, the group aspires to offer everyone balanced and reputable facts about the latest news every day #FromEverySide. With the eyesight being the No.1 information portal in Malaysia, we are on the mission to market diversity and encourage a healthy lifestyle and flexibility of manifestation.

Malaysia Reports

Meet up with Malaysia’s political improvement, economic progression and social troubles #FromEverySide on the ‘Malaysia’ section. We a platform for Malaysia’s folks by supplying properly-balanced reporting, informative views and reachable info for those. The Vibes seeks to help keep Malaysians informed as a vital component for nation-developing.

Organization Media When You Need It

Keep up-to-date with residential and overseas business news around the Vibes’ ‘Business’ portion. Our posts offer information on local business issues such as company mergers and stock exchange efficiency. In comparison, worldwide business information provides facts about global collateral market segments and overseas buy and sell. Make better economic decisions with us today.

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Global News

The Vibes’ ‘World’ portion enables you to remain in the know with an array of international news about overseas issues, worldwide relations and politics issues. Be a global resident and learn about scientific growth and national safety, although learning how global dynamics affect residential affairs.

To The Opinionated Men and women

Discover numerous types of judgment content articles from the open public, think-aquarium organisations and skilled professionals on the ‘Opinion‘ segment. Investigate fair viewpoints #FromEverySide for critical and new views on politics, scientific research and culture. Obtain unfettered sights that kindle conversations and new tips, empowering Malaysians to express their opinions readily.

For The Athletics and Fitness Lovers

The ‘Sports & Fitness’ segment allows you to receive the latest media on local and worldwide sports events, combined with health and fitness and wellbeing methods for an improved you. Be up to date with all the most recent information on neighbourhood soccer and badminton tournaments or global sports events such as the Olympics. Care for your actual physical health with this physical fitness advice on property exercises, yoga, anxiousness control and many others.

Let’s Discuss Well-known Customs, Videos, and Artistry

The ‘Culture & Lifestyle’ sector functions media on arts, films and traditions in Malaysia and globally. Be inspired with testimonies about history structure, visual disciplines, motion pictures and literature to ignite your ingenuity. Find the newest social media developments or possibly a video watchlist to fill your Saturdays and Sundays with fun and exciting pursuits.

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Get in the know with numerous types of information and diverse accounts #FromEverySide. The program is guided by upholding excellent journalism, transforming speak into motion, and promoting equality and variety. Help The Vibes offer dependable and impartial information and facts to help keep Malaysians informed and perform with the greatest amounts towards healthy lifestyle-building.