Everything You Need To Know About Perodua

All About Perodua

Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua, otherwise more known as Perodua, is one of the largest car manufacturers in Malaysia. The company is famous for producing minicars and supermini cars in the past. Intending to be a world-class automobile company, Perodua Aruz is one of the most popular car brands in Malaysia.

Perodua’s Beginnings

Since 1993, Perodua has produced many impressive cars. The Kancil, launched in 1994, is an icon of local cars. Nowadays, Perodua’s catalog includes sedans, MPVs and an SUV. Despite that, people still love minicars as the Axia and Myvi are the country’s most sold car models! In fact, the Myvi was Malaysia’s best selling car from 2006 to 2013.

Myvi, The Malaysians’ Favourite

The first Myvi model was launched in May 2005. This compact car came with a modern look and advanced technology. It’s a youthful design and versatile space adds a lot of value to the car. Perodua Myvi also supported multiple safety features. Due to all this, it became an instant favorite among Malaysians.


Giving Everyone A Chance With Axia

2014 was the year that Perodua launched the Axia, a compact car. Its key appeal was the affordability of the car. The Perodua Axia price is great value for first-time car owners since the car comes with an EEV engine, improving fuel consumption and noise management. The car exterior and engine makes every drive with a Perodua Axia valuable and worthwhile.

Aruz, The Sporty SUV

The Perodua Aruz is the latest model by Perodua. It is a seven-seater SUV with the fuel-efficient EEV engine. With a sporty and dynamic design and distinctive accents, the Perodua Aruz is pleasant to look at. If you have an Aruz, driving to your destination will be fun and comfortable.

An MPV For The Masses

Flexible seating options and comfortable interiors makes the Alza the most popular MPV in Malaysia. This Perodua MPV is for Malaysian families, prioritizing comfort and efficiency with plush seats and key safety features. The Perodua Alza also carries a built-in multimedia system, enhancing your ride experience further.

Perodua Bezza: The Reliable Sedan

Due to the Axia’s popularity, the Bezza was launched as Perodua’s very first sedan car. The car engine focuses on being fuel-efficient and lightweight, minimizing noise and vibrations. The car’s stylish design and intelligent build means every ride with the Perodua Bezza as smooth as you can imagine.

Malaysians’ Affinity For Perodua

Perodua plays a crucial part in a Malaysian’s life at some point. Before it’s production ceased, the car most driving schools conducted their lessons with was a Kancil! For many, it was the first car they’ve ever driven. With Myvi’s lasting popularity, it’s no surprise that Malaysians may get a new national car by Perodua in 2021.

There Is Something For Everyone At Perodua

From sedans to MPVs, Perodua offers a wide range of vehicles for Malaysians to choose. Big or small, there’s a Perodua Aruz car that will suit your taste and needs. For more information on our cars, check out http://www.perodua.com.my/.

Make Your Brand Show Up Above The Others

Strategies to Create and Nurture Your Business On the internet in Malaysia

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Website Marketing via Wilburvos’s View

Staying True to the Wilburvos Brand

The internet marketplace in Malaysia is usually quite competitive. Likewise, it is bustling with opportunities. Internet marketing differs from old fashioned marketing as the ROI is sometimes considerably better. If you hope to differentiate your business interest, be sure you invest your marketing dollars into digital marketing in Malaysia. A strong digital strategy would include SEO, SEM, and mobile marketing for one’s business.

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